Noninvasive CRC screening options can lead to
better patient outcomes1

The American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) supports CRC screening that includes both noninvasive screening options and colonoscopy to address patient barriers and to improve participation.2

Noninvasive CRC screening may help1:

Rule out CRC in patients
Reserve time-consuming
colonoscopy for patients at higher risk and patients with a positive result from a noninvasive test
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In a study, colonoscopies
following positive stool-based tests were associated with 3 times higher life-years gained compared with screening colonoscopy3

Closing the screening gap

Estimated time it would take for
gastroenterologists (GIs) to screen
every eligible patient for CRC with
colonoscopy only if noninvasive
screening options were not offered4-6*

It is essential to include
in the
screening conversation to
screen every eligible patient
as soon as possible7

The decrease in colonoscopy procedures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as a national shortage of GIs and
patient-perceived barriers to colonoscopy, all contribute to prevent the screening gap from being closed.5,8,9

Offer noninvasive options to eligible patients from
the start in your CRC screening conversations to
help improve outcomes for patients.