Cologuard has demonstrated improved screening rates among previously nonadherent patients1

In a retrospective EHR-based medical record review from October 2014 to September 2015, 77 primary care physicians offered Cologuard to 393 patients on Medicare who were nonadherent with colorectal cancer (CRC) screening recommendations. Descriptive statistics were used.1

0 of 393 patients were adherent with
recommended CRC screening.1
Cologuard Adherence
88.3% of patients were adherent with
Cologuard over 12 months.1
Follow-up colonoscopy
96.1% of patients who had a positive
Cologuard test underwent a follow-up
diagnostic colonoscopy.1*

Study limitations: A relatively small study size from a single health center; findings may not be generalizable to patients not on Medicare or to patients outside this particular geographic area (Dallas, TX). No formal hypothesis testing was done, therefore unable to determine causality.1