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No out-of-pocket costs for patients 45+
Nationwide, >96% of all Cologuard patients pay $0 for screening1*

New guidance for colonoscopies following a positive Cologuard result2,3

In January 2022, the federal government issued guidance making it clear that a colonoscopy after a positive noninvasive CRC screening test should be considered part of the screening process.2,3†

2023 policy changes
As a result, in 2023 the Affordable Care Act and CMS now require a colonoscopy after a positive Cologuard result be covered without
cost sharing. Some exemptions may apply.2,3†

This guidance will help remove financial barriers for patients who need a colonoscopy
after a positive stool-based test to make CRC screening more accessible.2,3

The Coverage for a Follow-up Colonoscopy Summary Guide for Providers and Medical Offices, from the American Gastroenterological Association and Fight CRC, provides more information about this regulatory change, what it means for providers, and how to code the change correctly.


Cologuard is committed to helping patients access and afford CRC screening

Insurance support:

  • Verification of benefits, as requested
  • Patient-assisted insurance appeals

Financial support programs:

  • Flexible payment plans
  • Financial assistance program, based on eligibility
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