Positive results with Cologuard® led to greater
to follow-up colonoscopy than FIT1,2

In separate studies investigating adherence to colonoscopy following positive stool-based test results:

Adherence to follow-up colonoscopy within 6 months1

Time to follow-up colonoscopy2

Offering Cologuard to patients at average risk may
help identify and prioritize patients at higher risk of
precancer or colorectal cancer (CRC) to complete a colonoscopy3,4

Greater Cologuard adherence
may have been supported by its patient
navigation program and automated
reminders to providers to order
colonoscopies following positive results.2

Higher quality colonoscopies following positive results3,5

In a comparative analysis study, patients at average risk for CRC who had a positive Cologuard result were more likely to have more histologically advanced findings during follow-up colonoscopy than patients who underwent colonoscopy only3

A separate study demonstrated that a positive Cologuard result produced5:

Improved follow-up
colonoscopy detection of
precancer and polyps in both
diagnostic yield and quality
Extended endoscopic withdrawal
times, suggesting that
knowledge of a positive result
enhanced quality of inspection

Using Cologuard can help prioritize patients for follow-up colonoscopy and
enhance the quality of detection for early-stage CRC and precancer.3,5