Cologuard® offers comprehensive support designed with your practice and patients in mind

Our specialized support services provide Cologuard® screening assistance for patients around the clock.


  • Most insured patients pay $01*

Patients receive welcome outreach and various reminders that could include

  • Automated calls
  • Live calls
  • Mailed letters
  • Text messages
  • Emails

24/7 patient navigation program

  • Explains the screening process, how to complete the Cologuard kit, and next steps based on results1
  • Informs patients at all stages, from when to expect to receive their Cologuard kit through delivery of test results1
  • Specialists who speak English and Spanish, and translation services for >200 languages available at 1-844-870-8870 and via chat
  • Three-way phone call capability connects patients with their insurance provider

A 22% point increase in Cologuard adherence in the first 45 days has been demonstrated vs Cologuard patients who did not receive outreach.1‡

Digital touchpoints aim to maximize adherence and enhance the patient experience

Cologuard completion reminders are sent when a patient’s test is delivered and taper off throughout their experience with Cologuard.

On average, patients rated their satisfaction with Cologuard an 8.6 out of 10 across 4 of these touchpoints in 2023.

Cologuard support services help you get answers to questions

Customer Care Center links you with real-time information

  • Assistance is available 6AM to 7PM CST, Monday-Friday by calling 1-844-870-8870
  • Representatives are available to provide information related to orders, educational topics, HIPAA concerns, or other screening issues