Colorectal Cancer (CRC) screening for
at-home use made easy for your patients

  • Cologuard is shipped directly to the patient's home upon ordering.

    Accompanied by 2 months of personalized outreach to facilitate screening completion including a welcome call, as well as mail, email, or text message reminders.

    Cologuard kit

    The Cologuard Collection Kit

    The Cologuard Collection Kit is designed for ease of use at home. If a patient has questions, a Customer Support Specialist is available to assist via phone at 1-844-870-8870.


  • In the comfort of home, patients use the noninvasive test that does not require special preparation, dietary or medical changes, sedation, or time off from work.

    The Customer Care Center is available 24/7 to help patients complete their Cologuard Collection Kit by calling 1-844-870-8870.


    How to use Cologuard

    How to use the noninvasive test that does not require special preparation, dietary or medical changes, sedation, or time off from work.


    This video can also be viewed in Spanish.

  • Patients can return the Cologuard Collection Kit by scheduling an at-home pickup, or by visiting a UPS® location.

    Shipped back to Exact Sciences Laboratories within 24 hours.

    Test results are usually received by the healthcare provider within 2 weeks.

    Define results

    What do the results mean?


    A positive test result does not necessarily mean the patient has colorectal cancer. It means that Cologuard detected elevated levels of altered DNA and/or hemoglobin in the patient's stool. Patients with a positive result should have a follow-up colonoscopy.1


    A negative test result means that Cologuard did not detect significant levels of altered DNA and/or hemoglobin in the stool. Patients with a negative result should continue in an appropriate screening program. The American Cancer Society-recommended screening interval for Cologuard is every 3 years after a negative result.1,2


    Sample Could Not Be Processed (SCNBP) means that the sample received by the lab could not be processed for reasons such as: required labeling information was missing, buffer addition could not be verified, stool sample exceeds allowable weight, collection kit was damaged, an empty kit was received. For these, the patient will be contacted by Exact Sciences and a fax sent to the provider.


    No Result Obtained (NRO) means that a valid Cologuard result was not obtained for reasons such as: insufficient DNA volume, fecal hemoglobin sample did not produce a valid result, technical issues, etc. For these, the patient will be contacted by Exact Sciences and a fax sent to the provider.


    Reminder: Results are delivered directly to you so that you can communicate the results to your patients. Results are provided directly to patients only upon special request.

    False positives and false negatives do occur. In a clinical study, 13% of patients without colorectal cancer or advanced adenomas received a positive result (false positive) and 8% of patients with cancer received a negative result (false negative). Cologuard performance when used for repeat testing has not been evaluated or established.

3 Tips for Cologuard
collection kit completion

  • Reinforce with your patients the importance of early screening

    • Explain how early screening is important because when detected in early stages, CRC is more treatable1,2*
  • Ensure your patients understand the process

    • Let them know that they should expect a welcome call from the Customer Care Center
    • Recommend that they store the Cologuard collection kit on the back of their toilet
    • Clarify with them what is considered an acceptable stool sample
      • It should not be larger than the bottle of liquid in the kit and should not be provided if there is diarrhea or blood in the stool
  • Provide tips and set expectations for collection kit completion

    • Provide a 2-week time frame for your patients to return the Cologuard collection kit
    • Explain how the sample should be shipped back within one day of collection and be mindful of weekends/holidays to prevent shipping delays

Patients should not provide a sample to Cologuard if they have diarrhea or if they have blood in their urine or stool (eg, from bleeding hemorrhoids, bleeding cuts or wounds on their hands, rectal bleeding, or menstruation). The risks related to using the Cologuard collection kit are low, with no serious adverse events reported among people in a clinical trial. Patients should be careful when opening and closing the lid to avoid the risk of hand strain.3

Ordering Cologuard via telehealth

Your patients can also learn more about telehealth and, if they wish, connect with a third-party telehealth provider at the Cologuard patient website, as a way to determine if Cologuard is right for them.