The appropriate Cologuard patient1

Cologuard is appropriate for patients aged 45+ years if determined to be at average risk for colorectal cancer (CRC) based on the following considerations:

  • Has my patient ever had CRC, adenoma, or other related cancer or a positive result from another CRC screening method within the last 6 months?
  • Has my patient ever been diagnosed with a condition associated with high risk for CRC—such as IBD, chronic UC, CD, or FAP—or have a family history of CRC?
  • Has my patient ever been diagnosed with a relevant familial (hereditary) cancer syndrome that places him/her above average risk for CRC?*
  • Does my patient have any signs or symptoms of CRC, such as rectal bleeding, blood in stool, or significant recent changes in stool habits?

If you answered Yes (to any of the above) Patient is not eligible for Cologuard

If you answered No (to ALL of the above) Patient is eligible for Cologuard